Open-Celements CMS - Open Source

Open-Celements or in short just Celements is a completely Open Source (LGPL) Content Management System (CMS). It is based on the collaborative editing platform XWiki. It has all wonderful XWiki features for collaborative editing. Moreover it supports all enterprise level features of xwiki like multi-site hosting, LDAP and Kerberos Authentication and much more. Furthermore Celements features a lot of the important CMS features not yet found in XWiki. This are foremost:

  • Publishing and Unpublishing by date

  • a sofisticated Image handling with broad format conversions, crop and automatic dimension reduction and more
  • extensiable suite of page types (RichText, Blog, ImageGallery, Calendar, ...)
  • a most sofisticated Layout Manager and Layout Editor. You can develop a complete customized Layout with only HTML/CSS knowledge
  • an integrated newsletter solution

Platform for development of Web-Applications and Web-Based Database-Applications

The Open-Celements is a powerful multi-client capable platform for development of Web-Applications and Web-Based Database-Applications. To the powerful basis already present in the XWiki platform you get the following features freehand:

  • SubSystem Migration Manager allows you to maintain your own db versioning and gives you power to write component based data migrations
  • Editor Framework for easy editor-generation. It allows to develop tab-based db-editors without hasle of concurrent edits, loss of unsaved work because of browse-aways and more
  • you can customize or even layout the frontend completely for your needs with the Layout Manager and Layout Editor
  • extensability in cell-types and page-types
  • customizable and configurable Rich-Text editor