Celements Developer Documentation




Imaging (TODO)

Newsletter (TODO)

ContextMenu (TODO)

Javascript Object celMessages

MenuBar (TODO)

Shop (TODO)

Editor Framework (TODO)

TinyMCE Intergration / RTE-Configs (TODO)

File Uploader (TODO)

Image Animation (TODO: Api, e.g. adding additional effects/presentations)

Form-Support (TODO)

Presentation Module (TODO)

  • Slides Galleries (TODO)
  • Slide-Shows inside text and overlay (TODO)
  • Slide-Show layouts / including responsive and liquid layouts (TODO)
  • navigation inside slideshow layouts (TODO)
  • transitions / effects (TODO)
  • JS-events and API (TODO)
  • JS Event-Manager

Page Type Functionality

PageType (TODO)


  • Blog / Article (TODO)
  • Calendar / Event (TODO)
  • Simple Rich Text (TODO)
  • Redirect (TODO)
  • No Edit (TODO)
  • Editable Code (TODO)
  • Image Gallery / Image Gallery List(TODO)
  • Form (TODO)
  • Presentation (TODO)

Layouts for Websites

Layout Manager (TODO)

Layout Editor (TODO)

Special CSS classes (TODO)