Release Notes - Open-Celements - Version 2.72.1

Released 5th of February 2016


  • [CELDEV-185] - Image-Gallery scrolling can scroll up even if all slides are shown initially
  • [CELDEV-186] - Image-Gallery scrolling does not stop a click-event on a link-element inside prev and next buttons


Release Notes - Open-Celements - Version 2.72

Released 3rd of February 2016


  • [CELDEV-176] - Image-Gallery: format color for li,th and td in presentation List
  • [CELDEV-181] - ContextMenu not loaded for async loaded Slides in GalleryView
  • [CELDEV-184] - Bug in Safari/Chrome/IE with Gallery Swiper Scrollbar

New Feature

  • [CELDEV-182] - Add lastUpdated celementsweb script service call


  • [CELDEV-177] - Add scroll-Buttons to Swiper
  • [CELDEV-197] - show extract at beginning of presentation