Release Notes - Open-Celements - Version 2.65.0

Released 22 July 2015


  • [CELDEV-58] - FormValidation NPE for not existing fields
  • [CELDEV-60] - GetImageDimensions Ajax call in Image Picker TinyMCE Plugin leads to NPE
  • [CELDEV-61] - Messages Ajax call returning error html in tiny mce plugin
  • [CELDEV-66] - language issue
  • [CELDEV-87] - SimpleLayout doesn’t load on Image-Gallery
  • [CELDEV-92] - Centering image in inline slideshow fails (customSplash and overlay)


  • [CELDEV-59] - Javascript script service: add addExtJSfileOnce and addLazyExtJSfile with additional argument for "params"

New Feature

  • [CELDEV-89] - Provide one central isValidEmail method


  • [CELDEV-63] - JAI: Color Profile issues for CMYK images
  • [CELDEV-90] - opening ImageSlideShow in Overlay twice fails adding generic Navigation Buttons and SlideCounter