We are proud to announce the celements-web release 2.35.0. Some improvements and some fixes have made it into this release.



Editor Framework

-> extend editobject.vm to support xredirect parameter in URL

Presentation Module

-> CelementsSlideShow.js: change loadMainSlides second parameter to startAtIndexOrName accepting a start id or a start slide name.

-> fix default layout in CelementsSlideShow to ’SimpleLayout’

-> add possibility to set gallery overlay layout in album config object

galleryLayout field


Image Module

-> change default galleryYuiOverlay arrows to white

-> add getImageAttachment to ImageScriptService

-> add new image gallery support to GalleryData

-> change ImageGalleryOverview to support defined overlay size in gallery

-> add isNewImageGallery to GalleryData and galleryClass.js

-> add spaceName to GalleryData ajax response and galleryClass.js for new image gallery

-> add replace start image to imageSlideShow.js

-> change addNewSlide link in ImageGalleryEdit to use ImageGalleryTemplates.NewImageGallerySlide

-> fire cel_ImageSlideShow:finishedRegister and add startAt param to presentation dialog

-> change open overlay handler to start slide show at the still image clicked on

-> add galleryLayout field to editor

-> add SimpleLayout only explicitly to list of possible Layouts if it is not already present in active page layouts.

-> update url in galleryClass to include image attachment version to fix browser cache problems

-> change gallery overview in gallery-listing with complete first slide

-> fix give unzip file name instead of attachment file name to unzip method causing import throwing NPE

-> add auto resize to imageSlideShow. It automatically resizes the complete slide if it does not fit on screen/window.

-> add onlyFirstNumImages to GalleryData (performance optimisation)

-> add getNumImages and offsetNumImages request parameters to allow paging


Blog Module

-> add in address list overlay of newsletter the possibility to display all addresses with last change date of subscription. If the addresses are displayed with the last change date they are ordered chronologicaly descending, else alphabetically ascending.


Subsystem Migration Manager Module

-> add WikiCreatedEventListener to initialize current db versions on new wiki database

-> overwrite startMigrations in SubSystemHibernateMigrationManager to fix a xwiki bug in the extended AbstractXWikiMigrationManager class. The xwiki implementation of startMigrations does not set new database version if the current version is equal to the last migratin version. Event though it must be set to the increment of the last migration version.



-> celements core: extend useNewButtons to allow overwrite in space preferences

-> tree node: add TreeNodeDocumentCreatedListener and invalidate TreeNode cache if a document with a menu item was created (important documents created from template documents including a menu item)

-> mandatory documents and class collections: check mandatory documents and ClassCollections on WikiCreatedEvent

-> class collections: make checking classCollections on init and virtualInit configurable

-> class collections: refactoring CompositorComponent and rename to ClassesCompositorComponent

update dependency versions

-> update xwiki-plugin-wiki-manager to version 1.26 which corresponds to xwiki 2.7.2

-> update xwiki-plugin-application-manager version to 1.19 corresponding to xwiki 2.7.2




-> celYuiOverlay.js: remove ungarded console.log calls

-> celYuiOverlay.js: fix dialogHeight in getOverlayDialog

-> celYuiOverlay.js: fix positioning of loading indicator after getOverlayDialog

-> fix margin-left for p and h1-h3 in overlay