We are proud to announce the celements-web release 2.34.0/2.34.1. Some improvements and some fixes have made it into this release.



Document Recycle Bin

->  layout and move text do dictionary for "Document Recycle Bin"

-> add "Document Recycle Bin" to Admin menu

Mandatory Documents

-> improve celements-db automatic initalization:

  • create XWiki.XWikiPreferences and add important default configurations
  • create celements mandatory groups (XWikiAllGroup, XWikiAdminGroup, ContentEditorsGroup)
  • add default access rights objects to XWiki.XWikiPreferences


Rendering Command

-> extend renderTemplatePath in RenderCommand to allow multilingual templates in web archive (on disk) with fallback to default language and default script

-> add celementsweb script service api call renderInheritableDocument

-> add layoutExists(SpaceReference) api call to CelementsWebPluginApi


User Administration

-> add "send activation email" to "User Administration". Disable automatic sending activation mail if new user is created in user administration.

-> hide technical username for non advanced administrators, except if overwritten in XWiki.XWikiPreferences field celUserAdminShowLoginName or system wide in xwiki.cfg field celements.administration.showloginname

-> move scripts for user administration and creating new users to web archive

-> add group name ordering by pretty name in user administration

-> add possibility to overwrite change password form template

-> extend PasswordRecoveryAndEmailValidationCommand with fallback to disk

-> add default password recovery emails in templates/celMails folder in web archive

-> add dictionary lookup for default subject for account activation mail

-> add getPossibleLogins to CelementsWebScriptService

-> add boolean return value to sendNewValidation in CelementsWebPluginApi (return value of true means the email was send successfully)


Editor Framework / Date Picker Support

-> add startupTimeStamp to lazily loaded javascripts in celements RTE (tinyMCE)

-> add possibility to overwrite celNewButtons on including TinyConfig.vm

-> add any html element support to DatePicker and reading current date

-> refactor editorsupport/datePicker.js to a js-class

-> improve positioning and outside click handling of datepicker

-> add possibility to configure select date format in DatePicker.js

-> add fire revalidation event after changing field in default select handler of date picker

-> add celValidation:revalidateField event listener to validation.js

->  add celValidation:prepareFormValidation, celValidation:preapareElementValidation and celValidation:validationFailedSubmitCancel events to validation.js

-> add celForm:prepareSubmit observer to allow triggering form validation before submitting a form in javascript. 

-> extend DatePicker to automatically update if date in inputField is change by the user

-> add ImagePicker support for both celanim css class namings (for celanim and celimage)

-> add ImagePicker support for new image gallery

-> add Gallery Picker part inside ImagePicker to allow to directly choose a gallery. The ImagePicker then takes the first image in the gallery as selection and adds an animation with the selected gallery.

-> extend useNewButtons to allow overwrite in space preferences


Image Module

-> upgrade metadata-extractor library used in image-component

-> move gallery scripts (celAjax, celOverlay and celTemplates) from celements-web to celements-image-web project

-> move celJS/images java scripts and the jcrop library to celements-image-web project

-> extend image picker to allow the user to choose a starter image for the gallery animation by image number instead of a fixed image

-> add closeButton in overlay and lowBound=1 for overview image

-> fix resize with background for small images
-> change to use negative lowBoundPosition values to be distance from
right border

-> add background color positioning to fill

-> add new image gallery page type and editor


Blog/Newsletter Module

-> fix attachments being added multiple times (e.g. if newsletter is sent with inlined images)

-> added getAddressesOrderedByDate to BlogScriptService

Celements Animation Framework

-> add cel_yuiOverlay:afterContentChanged and cel_yuiOverlay:beforeContentChanged events to CelementsSlideShow.js

-> add getHtmlContainer to CelementsSlideShow.js

-> add auto centerCurrentSlide

-> add cel_slideShow:shouldRegister event to allow to combine general yuiOverlay usage and yuiOverlay with SlideShow usage

-> add ajax script getMainSlides.vm and add loadMainSlides to CelementsSlideShow.js to allow loading main slides of a given space

-> add overwritePageLayout in CelementsSlideShow.js


File Base Manager

-> add fallback to celements2web in filebase.vm if local Celements2.FileBase not exists.

-> add ajax script ’FileBase’ for loading FilePicker in linkPicker of TinyMCE.

-> move FileBase and FileBaseTags ajax scripts to disk.

-> move FileBaseData to ajax scripts in web archive.

-> fix contextMenu urls to load FileBaseTagsEdit in overlay.


Lucene Search Component

-> add SearcherProvider to prevent closing main searchers if still searches

are running on it.

-> fix IndexReader closed before searchResult was read.

Calendar Module

-> add EmptyCalendarListException in CalendarNavigationFactory to handle calls to getStartNavDetails or getEndNavDetails on a empty calendar.

-> fix syntax in lucene query for exact match searches

-> add lucene bug workaround (to prevent inconsistensices accessing results if multiple searchResults are created in one Thread (e.g. in Navigation))

-> set Fuzzy logic in EventSearchQuery to be optional


-> add langs to documents outside menu structure list in sitemap

-> update license notice for jquery and yui scripts

-> add getCelHost javascript method in initCelements.js

-> add celements.admin_language=en to xwiki.cfg

-> add possibility to configure default smtp-server in xwiki.cfg

-> extend includeDefaultHeader.vm to load new image gallery slideshow java scripts and css files

-> add getDefaultAdminLanguage to CelementsWebScriptService

-> add default templatePathTransformation mapping for Mails converting to celMails

-> change CelSendMail to use new CelMailConfiguration which allows for all configuration properties to get them form xwiki.cfg as fallback

-> add extensible MenuAccess service allowing to extend the celements menubar from java with components

-> add TreeNodeDocumentCreatedListener automatically flushing TreeNodeCache if a document with a Celements2.MenuItem object was created.



-> fix editor blocker gets hidden by editor loading message

-> fix showing editor after tinyMCE is completely loaded

-> fix FlowplayerInOverlay ajax script and add missing jquery.js include and initCelements.js

-> fix layout for sitemap outside menu structure part

-> fix groups without empty member object not shown in group list in user administration

-> fix direct getXWikiPreferences for cellogin in login-template preventing configuration in xwiki.cfg works as system default (fallback)

-> fix transparency of small ajax-loader

-> fix editor size of gallery editor (GalleryEdit.vm and ImageGalleryEdit.vm) by removing editGallery_box css class

-> fix cleanup problem on hiding yui dialog leading to not being able opening the dialog a second time

-> fix syntax bugs in CelementsResponsiveDesignImage.js

-> fix syntax in CelementsSlideShow.js

-> check overwriteLayoutRef that the layout exists in cellskin frameheader.vm and pageTypeWithLayout ajax script

-> fix IllegalArgumentException in SearchResults if listStartIndex is after


-> fix NPE in getValidationEmailSubject if defLang is null

-> fix language in which a new validation email is send (now using the default admin language instead of using the admin language of the current user sending the email)

-> fix account activation link if Content.login is not accessible for XWikiGuest.

-> fix urls in css for arrows in overlay of image gallery slideshow