We are proud to announce the celements-web release 2.23.0/2.23.1. Some improvements and some fixes have made it into this release.


-> add maxNumChars to blog configuration. It defines how many characters from the full content are displayed in the extact if no extract is given. Default value is 250 characters. (Caution: if you use the wysiwyg mode the number of characters is still applied to the html-content. This can result in much less visible characters)

-> add balupton-history ( )

-> extend the navigation configuration object with the presentation_type field. It allows to define which component is used to render the navigation items.

-> add DefaultPresentationType which renders the navigation items with a link tag as before.

-> add RenderedContentPresentationType ("renderedContent") which renders the full page content for each navigation item. This presentation type can be used to render the page content for liquid design layouts.

-> add celAjax script pageTypeWithLayout.vm. It can be used to get the full HTML of a page inside the body tags. It renders the layout defined for the given page. If ajax=1 is included in the request it omits everything before and including the body tag and it omits the closing body and html tag. It is used to render and load one slide at a time for the presentation slideshow.

-> update scriptaculous to version 1.9.0



-> change loading context menu on document ready instead of page loaded

-> fix accordeon block initialization

-> fix height of import manager

-> Fix accordeon-block.js problems.

-> fix getMaxConfiguredNavigationLevel for configs on navigationCells in

layout (reason for wrongly showing up ’add subpage’ in navigation context menu)

-> fix images url in xwiki importer